17 Reasons the 2017 Commencement Will Be the Best Ever

Commencement at The New School is literally the event of the year. And, unlike this amazing GIF, you can only live it once.

Most of New York City’s most inspiring spaces require at least a subway ride. Here’s 17 reasons why traveling out to Queens for the 2017 Commencement + Festival will be worth your while.

1. Plenty of time and space to take #NewSchoolGrad selfies + family pictures.

In the past, New School Grads were rushed when it came to taking photos with friends, family, and faculty following Commencement. This year, you’ll have all the time in the world to snap memories—without fighting for a blue-brick wall as your background.

Photo Credit, Left to Right: @12theama + @_gahyunee
Photo Credit, Left to Right: @palak_005 + @santismbn

2. Affordable, delicious, local food will be waiting for you the MINUTE the ceremony ends.

Sure, get that fancy dinner with mom, dad, and grandma. But first, enjoy a giant, outdoor park picnic with your family and friends with food from local vendors, including the coveted vegan food truck, The Cinnamon Snail. And, just in case Dad’s not down with food trucks yet, you can preorder the classics and avoid waiting in line day of. Use 20% off code “CONGRATS” until 5/17.

Photos by The Cinnamon Snail

3. Moon Hooch will be performing

DJ + live music + huge, beautiful park + pretty much everyone you spent the last four years with = best dance party EVER. Plus, you’ll get to listen to the talented, past New School-ers, Moon Hooch, play live. They’re a band you can dance to.

4. And so will Arta Jekabsone

She’ll lead a quintet of New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music students, including Nick Dunston, bass; Theo Walentiny, piano; and Lucas Kadish, guitar.

5. The subway ride to Arthur Ashe Stadium is scenic and above-ground—perfect for a little reflection time

Whatever your preferred mode of transportation is, take the travel time—especially if it’s via subway—to reflect on your New School experience and the momentous occasion that’s about to take place. (Or get some of that adrenaline out of your system—whatever works.)

6. Make your fam cry with custom haiku

Having a beautiful haiku written about/for you on the spot: one of many activities that’ll make our first-ever Commencement Festival so special. Maybe your dad will finally understand exactly what you studied.

7. Photo experiences galore

The only thing better than a moody, self-directed New School Selfie (we see your UC bathroom mirror shots) is a professional GIF and photo booth.

8. The Unisphere: Peace Through Understanding

Commissioned for the New York World’s Fair of 1964–65, The Unisphere has become a symbol for Queens, and represents the theme, “Peace through understanding.” What better way to sign off on your college experience at The New School during this political moment?

9. Arthur Ashe Stadium is unreal

Just look at this place! Venus and Serena Williams were here!

10. The park where the festival takes place is also unreal

Flushing Meadows Corona Park, New York City’s second largest park, does not disappoint.

11. Those gowns you bought? Turn them into something cool

#ParsonsMakingCenter people will help you naturally-dye, screen print and repurpose your #NewSchoolGrad garb into something you’ll actually want to wear again.

12. Get a caricature drawn of you + your friends and family

Let someone else draw you for once.

13. A custom blackboard to write all over? The elementary kid in us is screaming with joy

Designed for photo and play, this custom “blackboard” will be your official sign-off as the Class of 2017. This pop-up installation was co-created with #ParsonsMakingCenter technicians Max Garett and Matt Leabo, and we can’t wait to see it!

14. Prime access to limited-edition #NewSchoolGrad Class of 2017 t-shirt + #NewSchoolSpirit merchandise

Trust us, this t-shirt is a big deal. Designed by Bailey Baerwolf ’17, this tee is the coolest one we’ve ever had. You’ll also be able to get other New School commemorative merchandise that’s definitely not just for your parents (but maybe they’ll buy you a sweatshirt 😏😏😏 )

15. This will be #SquadGoals

Even if you’re #2NewSchool4Cool, you’ll never be able to photograph you and your squad quite like this.

16. Hear words of wisdom from 3 crazy-accomplished, diverse, intelligent women

Fashion designer + former Parsons student Anna Sui, labor activist and organizer Ai-Jen Poo, and Barbara Hillary, #NewSchoolGrad, activist, cancer survivor, and the first African American woman to reach both the North and South Poles at the age of 75, will share short speeches. Additionally, Student Commencement Speaker Maurice Dusualt, an international student who has lived in 7 different countries, is the perfect fit for such an international class.

17. You only graduate as the Class of 2017 once

Enough said. Get your #NewSchoolGrad on.

P.S. Don’t forget about Grad Week!



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