A Healthier Future for Affordable Housing

A rendering of the completed renovation at 506 Spruce Street, where HempLime insulates the house and provides a surface for breathable interior wall finishes.

Passing by 506 Spruce Street in New Castle, Pennsylvania, you might think this early-20th-century house in the former manufacturing capital was simply getting a freshening up. The 800-square-foot dwelling is in fact the site of cutting-edge design and construction research led by Parsons’ Healthy…

David Sokol

As an undergraduate deciding between majors in Essen, Germany, Hanna de Vries realized she could pursue communication design without sacrificing her passion for exploring the human mind. In creating projects like a typeface embedded with pronunciation cues for deaf readers and trauma education materials for refugees that replace…

The New School

A university in New York City for scholarly activists, fearless artists, and convention-defying designers established in 1919. #100YearsNew

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