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7 min readApr 4, 2022

The New School is here to shower you with a refreshing lineup of online and in-person events in April! From expert panels, performances, and programs, we hope you can join us in celebrating the work of our students, faculty, alumni, and more. You can also keep an eye on our events calendar so you’ll know when new events are added!

Design and Technology Cloud Salon: Kyle McDonald

Online | Tuesday, April 5, 2022, 3:00PM to 4:00PM (EDT)

Join Parsons BFA and MFA in Design and Technology programs for a conversation with Kyle McDonald, an artist working with code. McDonald crafts interactive installations, sneaky interventions, playful websites, workshops, and toolkits for other artists working with code. He also explores possibilities of new technologies: to understand how they affect society, to misuse them, and build alternative futures; aiming to share a laugh, spark curiosity, create confusion, and share spaces with magical vibes.

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PERN Salon: Mechanism Design and Platform Capitalism

Online | Tuesday, April 5, 2022, at 4:00PM (EDT)

Join the Platform Economics Research Network at The New School for a conversation with Salomé Viljoen, Jake Goldenfein, and Lee McGuigan about their recent essay, “Design choices: Mechanism design and platform capitalism,” published in Big Data & Society (August 2021).

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A conversation with Ai-jen Poo, Sheryl Evans Davis and Felicia Wong

The Auditorium, 66 West 12th Street | Tuesday, April 5, 2022, 7PM EST

Join the Institute on Race, Power and Political Economy and The Economic Security Project for this conversation featuring Ai-jen Poo, Sheryl Evans Davis and Felicia Wong.

This event will be available both in person and online. To register and learn more please click here.

Mannes Orchestra with Martha Graham Dance Company

New York City Center | April 06–10, 2022

The Mannes Orchestra will accompany classic Martha Graham Dance Company works during the world-renowned dance group’s New York City Center performances April 6–7 and April 9–10 as part of the inaugural City Center Dance Festival. The Mannes Orchestra will play live during Graham’s celebrated masterpiece Appalachian Spring (1944), with a luminous score by Aaron Copland and a spare set by Graham’s longtime collaborator Isamu Noguchi. The orchestra will also perform live during Graham’s stark, powerful work Chronicle, from 1936, set to a score by Wallingford Riegger, will also be presented. Performed by the women of the Company, Chronicle was created as a response to the rise of fascism in Europe; its underlying theme of political activism continues to reverberate today.

Please note that these works will not be played at all performances.

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Mycelium Millennium: Fashioning the Future with Carole Collet and Mylo™

Online | Thursday, April 7, 2022, 12:00PM to 1:30PM (EDT)

The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful industries on the planet, and is rife with toxic materials. Experts agree that change is needed, but what kind of change? Could the root system of mushrooms offer a possible solution? Join the Healthy Materials Lab for a discussion surrounding the future of fashion as they dig into these questions and more with people on the frontline of research into mycelium.

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The City of Ladies

10 East 76th Street, NY | Saturday, April 9, 2022, 7:30PM to 9:00PM (EDT)

To mark the launch of The New Historia Website, directed by Gina Luria Walker, Professor of Women’s Studies (SPE), we present The City of Ladies, a spectacle combining old and new magic to showcase our archive, and celebrate the long-invisible lives of women across place and time. The ghosts of earlier women will visit 5th Avenue and East 76th Street across from Central Park on April 9th.

Keep vigilant, as their presence will be made known in winks throughout the hidden corners of Manhattan. Follow along our map, and post as many ghosts as you encounter. We look forward to welcoming them with you.

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Online | April 11–15 2022

Join Eugene Lang College for a digital series of activities, exhibits and events to celebrate, learn more about and engage with the work of its students. Some events include the annual Dean’s Honor Symposium, which is an academic summit that celebrates student work including class projects, internships, study abroad experiences, senior capstones, and independent work in the community.

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With/In Environments: Reimagining Frameworks and Practices for Environmental Philosophy

Hybrid | April 14–16, 2022

Since Plato, western philosophy has been set down a path paved by a disavowal of the sensuous, bracketed material bodies, and delimited aesthetic conceptions, leaving human beings and their built environments separated from the natural world. Even the concept “environment” often, and ironically, brings with it implicit anthropocentric assumptions, conceptualizing, and thereby separating, the human as independent from the surrounding world and reinforcing the human/nature divide. Join the New School for Social Research as it tackles these topics and more through this conversation that reimagines frameworks and practices for environmental philosophy.

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Earth Week 2022 Hub Art + Design + Democracy

Online | April 11–29, 2022

During the Month of April, the Tishman Center will be hosting, co-sponsoring and promoting Earth Month and Earth Week events. Their theme this year is: Art, Design, Democracy: Tools to Achieve Climate Justice. They will have a number of events featuring musicians, chefs, artists, planners and academics who will share their experiences, art, music and more to help us think of creative and engaging ways to get closer to a more just and safe world.

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IS GOD IS directed by Bakari Lebby

Bank Street Theater | April 15–16, 2022

The School of Drama is proud to present Aleshea Harris’s Is God Is directed by Bakari Lebby (MFA ’22) as part of the New Visions Directors Festival.

Synopsis: In this new epic, Anaia and Racine, are black twin sisters sent on a revenge mission from God. The task: to deliver justice to the Man who tried to kill them all eighteen years ago. Join Anaia and Racine on their journey across America to meet their father.

Performances will be April 15 at 7:30pm and April 16 at 2pm and 7:30pm. Tickets are free.

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Nancy Dayanne Valladares — PHOTO/SYNTHETIC: Plants and the Metabolic Image

Online | Monday, April 18, 2022, 6:00PM to 7:15PM (EDT)

Interdisciplinary artist Nancy Dayanne Valladares’ practice closely examines photography’s historical entanglement with botanical imaginaries and chemical legacies. In this talk, Nancy will present their ongoing research that traces plant agency in historical narratives of visuality. She will also discuss her film The Density of Breath (2020). Shot with an electronic microscope. The Density of Breath is a meditation on vegetal agency, plant exchanges, and botanical representation.

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Design and Technology Cloud Salon: RNDR Studio

Online | Tuesday, April 19, 2022, 3:00PM to 4:00PM (EDT)

Join Parsons BFA and MFA Design and Technology programs for a workshop focused on their RNDR Studio. RNDR is a design studio for interactive media that develops ‘tools’ that are only finished by how they are used. To achieve this, they develop processes, create structures, design visualisations, code programs, and create interactions. This work explores and engages with hybrid space as it embraces both digital and physical realms.

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Soft, Hard; Penetrable and Capable of Penetration: Bodies Against Cisness

Online | Tuesday, April 26, 2022, 5:00PM to 7:00PM (EDT)

Who says that bodies -as objects composed of organs, apertures, tissues, follicles, chemicals, liquids, flesh, and sensation- are divided into the mutually exclusive categories man and woman? Join the New School for Social Research for a talk led by Emma Heaney, Assistant Professor of English at William Paterson University. Her first book is The New Woman: Literary Modernism, Queer Theory, and the Trans Feminine Allegory (Northwestern, 2017).

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The list above is just a sampling of what to look forward to this month. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our events calendar, as more events are added regularly.



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