Events at The New School | April 2022

Design and Technology Cloud Salon: Kyle McDonald

PERN Salon: Mechanism Design and Platform Capitalism

A conversation with Ai-jen Poo, Sheryl Evans Davis and Felicia Wong

Mannes Orchestra with Martha Graham Dance Company

Mycelium Millennium: Fashioning the Future with Carole Collet and Mylo™

The City of Ladies


With/In Environments: Reimagining Frameworks and Practices for Environmental Philosophy

Earth Week 2022 Hub Art + Design + Democracy

IS GOD IS directed by Bakari Lebby

Nancy Dayanne Valladares — PHOTO/SYNTHETIC: Plants and the Metabolic Image

Design and Technology Cloud Salon: RNDR Studio

Soft, Hard; Penetrable and Capable of Penetration: Bodies Against Cisness



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The New School

The New School


A university in New York City for scholarly activists, fearless artists, and convention-defying designers established in 1919. #100YearsNew