(May)hem at The New School: Your How-To-Attend-Everything Guide for the Last Month of School

The calendar of all calendars.

Even if you’re just ending your freshman year at The New School, you probably know enough to know about The End of The Semester. It’s a fast-paced, energetic, exhausting, sleepless, busy inferno with innumerable screenings, performances, exhibits, and talks, all occurring as your academic demands reach their peak. It’s absolute mayhem. Unless you’re pulling a Hermione Granger with a Time-Turner, there’s no way to be, see, hear, or do it all. But you can plan ahead. Consider this your calendar of calendars (and of free food.)

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Vera List Center
launches Assuming Boycott: Resistance, Agency, and Cultural Production. 6:30–8 PM.

Milano School of International Affairs
sponsors the launch of The Givers: Wealth, Power, and Philanthropy in a New Gilded Age. 6–8 PM.

The School of Media Studies presents Understanding Media Studies: “Everyday Forms of Innovation: Africa Contemporary” with Sean Jacobs & Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga. 6–7:50 PM.

Student Recital — Qiao Liu, Piano.
Liu is a student in the Masters program at Mannes School of Music. 5 PM.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The School for Social Research presents Going Out of the Great Recession? Contrast Between the United States and Europe: Proposed Work from Economic History 1960–2016. 4 PM.

Introduction to Operatic Arts Class Concert — Students of Susan Woodruff Versage and Laura Alley. 7:30–9:30 PM. Possible date activity.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sacred Water and Red Power: A Film Screening on #NODAPL and Standing Rock. 6 PM.

Student Recital — Gregory Rathje, Composer at Mannes School of Music. 8 PM.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

School of Drama BFA performance:
MONSTROSITY by Lucy Thurber. Running May 4–6 at The New School for Drama, 151 Bank Street; FOOD.

Friday, May 5, 2017 (this is a busy one)

In this Post-Election America lecture, Jessica Pisano (Associate Professor of Politics) will discuss “illiberalism”. 10:30 AM — 12 PM.

Eugene Lang College Spring Dance Performance
@ New York Live Arts, 219 W19th Street. This is happening both Friday, May 5th and Saturday, May 6th, at 7:30 PM. There will be a reception with wine and food after the May 6th performance.

The Institute for Transformative Mentoring (ITM) within the Center for NYC Affairs presents Social Justice Film Series — Rikers: An American Jail. 6:30 PM — 8:30 PM.

Mannes Opera Presents Vanessa by Samuel Barber. THE Gerald W. Lynch Theater — John Jay College. 7:30–10 PM.

Voice/Over: The 8th Annual School Of Media Studies Script Reading

Monday, May 8, 2017—Get ready for all the #ParsonsFestival mayhem!

#ParsonsFestival School of Art, Media, and Technology Opening Exhibition. 6 PM. FOOD. Runs until 5/18.

5/8 also marks the beginning of Seek Relief Week!

#ParsonsFestival: BFA Integrated Design End of Year Exhibition. 6 PM — 9 PM.

Public Choice Theory: The Billionaires’ Bid to Undermine Democracy, presented by The New School for Social Research’s History Department + The Robert L. Heilbroner Center for Capitalism Studies. 6 PM.

Smart Risks by Jennifer Lentfer and Tanya Cothran is essential reading for all those who wonder how their donations and work can make a difference in developing countries — from aid agency staff and policy makers, to globally engaged individuals. Sponsored by Milano School of International Affairs. 6–8 PM. FOOD.

Mannes Percussion Ensemble Concert. 8–10 PM.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017: SO. MUCH. COOL. MUSIC.

Piano Master Class — John O’Conor. 1 PM.

German Diction Class Recital — Students of Nils Neubert. 2–4 PM.

Student Recital — Matthew Cossack, Bariton. 5 PM.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017: MORE. COOL. MUSIC.

Mannes Sounds Festival 2017 at the House of the Redeemer. 7 PM.

New Music Mannes. 8–10 PM. An exciting evening of chamber music including live electronics, prepared piano, prepared harp and more!

Student Recital — Jeffrey Kautz, percussion. 8–10 PM.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Creative Writing MFA Thesis Reading, Fiction. 5 PM.

#ParsonsFestival: Art and Design History and Theory Graduate Student Symposium.
10 AM — 5 PM.

Student Recital — Elizabeth Hogg, guitar. 8–10 PM.

Mannes Student Composers. 8–10 PM.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Post-Election America: Finance and Financialization with Julia Ott. 10:30 AM — 12 PM.

Creative Writing MFA Thesis Reading, Nonfiction. 5 PM.

BFA Photography Senior Thesis Exhibition at MILK Studios, 6–9 PM. See it until 5/18, but you’ll miss the food + drinks + vibes present at the opening party.

FINE CUTS: 38th Annual Invitational Film Show & Reception.
7–10 PM. FOOD.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

​Mannes + Rovaco Dance Company​: A Collaboration. 3 PM.

School of Drama, BFA Senior Directed Research Projects — Film Showcase.
May 13–14, 2017 @ 2 PM and 7 PM both days. Kellen Auditorium, 66 5th Avenue.

Creative Writing MFA Thesis Readings: Poetry and Writing for Children and Young Adults. 4 PM, Wollman Hall.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Eugene Lang College History Department Student Readings
. 4 PM. 80 Fifth Avenue, Conference Room 529.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

OPENINGS (you’ll really need a Time Turner for this one)
#ParsonsFestival: Street Seats. 11 AM.

#ParsonsFestival: BFA Fine Arts Senior Show + Reception. 6 PM — 9 PM.

#ParsonsFestival: MFA Design + Technology Exhibition, Showcase, and Symposium. 4 PM — 8 PM. (Various components + start times, see link for details)

#ParsonsFestival: School of Constructed Environments Exhibition.
6 PM.

#ParsonsFestival: BBA Strategic Design + Management Senior Symposium. 9:30 AM—12PM.

Wednesday, May 17

Eugene Lang College Literary Studies Senior Work Readings
. Starr Foundation Hall, University Center.

#ParsonsFestival: School of Fashion Exhibition (BFA and AAS students). 10 AM — 6 PM. Opening reception at 7 PM. Open through 5/19.

Thursday, May 18

#ParsonsFestival: MS Data Visualization Keynotes. 6 PM — 9 PM. Reception following.

Get those Time-Turners ready

and go forth to do EVERYTHING!

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